Pool Maintenance

Keep your investment in great shape

Filter Clean Service

Your swimming pool filter system is responsible for removing debris and keeping your pool water clean and clear. The pool filter is the hardest worked piece of equipment of your pool, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to filter impurities so you can enjoy pure water. Because of this, it is extremely important that this system is regularly serviced. Our trained staff at Gruene Pool & Spa Company are able to inspect and maintain your pool filter system upon request. Pool filter systems should be serviced at least twice a year. If your pool filter system is due for cleaning and maintenance, please contact us today!

Drain and Clean

Green algae (or green pool) is a common problem for swimming pool owners. Green algae often appears as a greenish growth on the walls and floors of your pool, and can result in your pool water taking on a green tint, due to greenish organic material suspended in the water of your pool. This algae not only resides within your pool, but can also spread to your pool’s pipes and pool equipment. Many pool owners have been frustrated when, after hours of scrubbing and the addition of the wrong type of chemicals they realize that a week later their pool is as green as it ever was. This ends up costing owners time and money. At Gruene Pool and Spa Repair, we will cure your green pool problems the first time.Equipment Replacement

Is your equipment not functioning the way you want it too. Consider a Skid replacement

We can replace portions of the mechanical skid or all of it. Are the jets not as powerful as you would like, or the water not heat as fast as you want. We can fix that. Maybe you just saw your neighbor’s or friends with a slick new App on their phone that controls everything. Why not schedule an appointment for a filter clean or diagnostic or even some training and use this as an opportunity to get a quote.

Pool Lift chair Service and repair.

If you are a property manager or a hotel owner/manager you know that per the ADA these are required. Let us help you stay compliant and your guests happy (so you can focus on you business) . We service as well as repair these.

Annual service/ Checkup

While many of the companies we partner with do a great job of cleaning the differ to us for repairs. Why not try to get infron tof those repairs. We recommend all systems have an annual inspection ( we will perform visual inspections of all above ground plumbing. Pumps, heaters, as well as the electrical and let you know

Diagnostic and Repair.

We specialize in automation and electrical for Pools. While we are Hayward authorized, we work on all major brands of systems

We repair and install, Levellor, Heaters (both gas and electric) pumps (both Variable and single speed) Automation for both Pentair and Hayward, Lighting, clorinators, and liquid chemical dispensor systems, UV systems, and filters. Not sure if it is something we handle. Give us a call or text us. We are happy to discuss

Energy Audits

Energy audits Does you pool look bad even though you have tried multiple companies. Probability is, your equipment isn’t up to the task (and maybe never was, as it was not calculated or installed correctly) We can perform the calculations. Tell you what you should have and give you a quote. The energy savings alone can pay for the upgrade in as little as three years, while significantly reducing the maintenance and making your pool shine at the same time.

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